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Bulletproof Your Business

Increase Leads, Get Sales, and Keep Customers...Even in a recession

Join me for an in-person mastermind event that condenses THREE DECADES of business experience into two power-packed days!

  • Flood your pipeline with hot prospects who really want your stuff
  • Change curious lookers into regular buyers…every single time 
  • Make your customers so loyal they keep coming back for more and become your biggest cheerleaders


Get hands-on, actionable strategies...not just theories that you walk away with and never implement. Each topic is designed to provide immediate insight, with working sessions that give you the insight and skills to get started making progress during the event!


This isn't a one-size-fits-all event! Receive custom guidance from an experienced, successful business owner with a proven track record. This mastermind addresses the unique challenges you face and is designed to provide direct value to your specific business context.

High Caliber Connections

Rub shoulders with fellow high-performing leaders, establish meaningful connections, and dive into a pool of collective wisdom. This isn’t just an opportunity to learn; it's a space to collaborate, form alliances, and think outside of the box to develop new solutions to generate business.

Introducing the...

Bulletproof Your Business Mastermind

Join me and nine other hand-picked leaders for two days of interactive sessions where I provide the stepping stones you need to avoid common pitfalls, seize untapped opportunities, and scale the heights of your entrepreneurial dreams.

This is more than just a mastermind—it's a compass crafted from years of trials, triumphs, and transformations.

I understand that you’re challenged right now by a tough economy and a whole lot of uncertainty ahead.  The pressure is on to attract and retain customers so that you can consistently meet your sales goals and KPIs.

Now’s the time for transformative ideas and game-changing strategies, which is what this event is all about!


Darin Kidd

Hi, I'm Darin, and I'm here to help.

I've struggled with scaling a business, balancing life and work, and setting the pace for consistent sales performance. I understand how tough it is! I'm on a mission to help you get more customers, earn more profits, and take your business to the next level.

Business Growth Consultant & Executive Trainer
Best Selling Author
Global Keynote Speaker
Multiple 7 Figure Entrepreneur
Successful Franchise and Online Business Owner
Built businesses in Network Marketing with teams that generated nine figures in sales
Husband & dad of five

Here's What We'll Be Covering Over the Two Days

Mastermind agenda - determine your destination

Gain Clarity Now to Create Goal-Driven Action Later

Feeling stuck? Are you overwhelmed by not having a clear path and destination?

Your progress and success relies on clarity for your business and life goals. After all, if you don’t know where you are going, how will you get there?

That’s why we start with identifying what you want. Your reasons now reap results later!

This is not your average goal setting session. Together we will dig deep so that you uncover your actual motivations versus what you perceive is behind your “why.”

In this session, you will:

Fast Track Your Own Marketing with AI

AI is here to stay! If you fail to leverage the capabilities of AI, you risk falling behind your competitors.

In this interactive session, you will utilize ChatGPT in your business to make your marketing more effective than ever before (as well as faster and easier).

We will dive into creating some of the most important foundational aspects of your own business–the things that help you attract and keep customers…things that you need to get right or you will leave money on the table!

Together, we will:

Using AI for marketing and business foundations
Client acquisition

How to Attract the Right Customers (and Keep Them!) - Even in a Difficult Economy

In today's increasingly competitive and uncertain economic landscape, attracting the right customers and retaining them is becoming a daunting task!

That’s why we will focus on how to thrive despite economic downturns and market instability.

In this session, you will discover how to:

Differentiate Your Brand to Gain the Competitive Advantage

You are one in a crowded sea of competitors. Standing out can often feel like an impossible feat. How will you carve out a unique space for your brand so that you can shine?

Brand differentiation isn't just about being different; it's about being memorable and being the obvious “go-to” choice in that long line-up of options.

In this session, you will:

competitive advantage
boost your productivity, performance and profits

Boost Your Performance, Productivity, and Profits with these Hacks

Is your performance plateauing? Are you feeling tired and overwhelmed rather than motivated and psyched to awaken each day?

It's time to stop the treadmill to nowhere! Supercharge your success through optimal performance and productivity, which will fuel your energy to higher profits—without compromising your well-being.

This transformative session will help you to:


What Others say about Darin'S Coaching & Training

"I had the opportunity to work with Darin when I recently hired him to conduct 3 training sessions. His energy was contagious and everyone loved his training style. Most importantly, the tactical advice he provided our team was so useful! Within days of his training, we started seeing our brand partners implementing things we learned from Darin."
Gaya Samarasingha
CEO & Founder
"I can't recommend Darin enough. Not only can this guy teach you how to become a leader of leaders but he can help you with social media, help you rank advance and get tremendous results. This guy has done it. He's built massive organizations. Honestly, whatever this guy is doing, you want to be a part of it."
Rob Sperry
Rob Sperry
8X Author & International Speaker
"If I had to describe Darin Kidd with one word in his coaching style, it would be dynamic. He doesn't just give you the idea to implement immediately. He gives you the vision behind it and makes you believe that you can make it happen. And with his coaching, you can see the progress, not just day to day, but week to week, month to month."
Amanda Call
Amanda Call
Network Marketing Leader
"I've been wanting to take my business to the next level for quite some time. However, I wasn’t quite sure how to do that. Within the first week of implementing exactly what Darin told me to do, I gained more traction in 1 week than I’ve had the last 6 months! To say that I’m shocked is an understatement. I’m mind blown at the difference that this has had in such a short amount of time!"
Falon Hatley
Falon Hatley
Network Marketing Leader
"We are so grateful we reached out to Darin and joined his program. It’s such a difference when you work with someone who has done what they teach. The value we gained from working with Darin is unmatched. Not only has it exceeded our expectations, but what we found is how we FEEL when working with Darin. We know he values us! Darin made our goals his goals. When you work with Darin you truly feel his heart, passion, and motivation to see you succeed. Coaching at his level is next to impossible to find. We are so excited about our future with Darin by our side mentoring, supporting, and coaching us!"
Devin and Colleen Shaw
Devin and Colleen Shaw
Network Marketing Leaders
"If you're looking for someone to transform your people, Darin Kidd is the best speaker you could have."
Dr Fab Mancini
Dr. Fab Mancini
America’s #1 Healthy Living And Success Media Expert

Mastermind Details


This is an in-person event that is being held in Lynchburg, Virginia.


TBD - once the 10 seats are filled, we will determine the dates based on everyone's schedules.

What Is (& Isn't) Included

In addition to the coaching sessions, you will receive lunch as part of the event. You are responsible for your dinner and hotel expenses.


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